Tomahawk BW8

Affordability without performance sacrifice. The high quality Canadian hard rock maple shaft and medium layered leather cue tip give you the ball control you need to compete.

Original price was: $81.00.Current price is: $73.00.

Tomahawk: Affordable Performance

Players looking for an affordable yet high performance cue, look no further. The Tomahawk player’s cue is for players on a budget that are not willing to sacrifice performance. This cue is the perfect entry level cue for anyone who is ready to get serious about pool, or is tired of the inconsistent performance of off-the-rack pool cues. Tomahawks are beautifully crafted, high performance cues that make a great addition to any home or office pool room.

Tomahawk Cue Features
  • Two-piece solid maple cue with overlay designs, nickel rings, and stainless butt cap
  • Medium layered leather cue tip for increased ball control
  • Traditional 29” shaft
  • Adjustable weight bolt system with quick release joint

19oz, 20oz

Cue Type: Playing Cue
Joint Type: Quick release
Cue Tip: 13mm Leather
Ferrule: 1” Fiber Ferrule
Shaft Taper: Traditional
29” 100% Maple
Cue Wrap: Irish Linen
Wood Type: Hard Rock Canadian Maple
Butt Cap: Stainless Steel
Bumper: Screw on
Weight Adjustable: Yes
Weight Options: 19 and 20oz weights

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