High performance XTC ferrule construction for lower deflection and consistent play. Get the English you need on command.


Affordability without performance sacrifice. The high quality Canadian hard rock maple shaft and medium layered leather cue tip give you the ball control you need to compete.


The perfect cue for those looking to get serious about their game. The adjustable weight bolt system lets you finely tune the balance of your cue, and the medium solid leather cut tip promotes solid hits without sacrificing ball control.

Warrior Jump

Maximize power and accuracy on break shots. Featuring a comfortable sport wrap, the three-piece jump break cue gives you the flexibility of switching to a lighter and shorter jump cue in seconds.

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Cue Innovations designs and manufactures pool cues for players that need a high-quality cue that can perform in tournament conditions, but not break their budget. With nearly 75 years in the billiards and game room industry, we understand that our players depend on having a pool cue that feels good in their hands, looks sharp, and strikes with precision.

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